Monsters among Us

Watch where you walk
there are monsters among us,
some breaking hearts
and others breaking bones.
A killer who lurks in the shadows at night
and smiles in the day as you pass him by.
A succubus who plans out evil by day
and smiles as she lays down beside you at night.
In truth there’s no telling
the monsters apart from neighbors or lovers,
and oftentimes they might hit closely to home.
The people you think of as allies,
might in secret, in front of you,
be plotting your demise.
Who then can we trust
with these monsters among us?
They offer you comfort
in order to gain your trust.
Murderers, heartbreakers, torturers, liars
in lairs with fires, a séance with pyres.
Careful who you choose to keep close
for they might be holding you at night,
but when they close their eyes beside you
they are burning you in their minds
with you helplessly staked on the pyre.
If they have skeletons in their closet,
then watch your step
or you might become
the next skeleton in their closet.
Whether that means a ghost of the past
or a corpse of the future,
beware in the present
of the monsters among us
so your heart and bones can remain in tact
and so you don’t get lured down a path
where there’s no turning back.


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