Weather Scope

Brittle bruised, orange fused
reds and yellows mild and mellow.
Dripping through a sea of black
Slicker flickers pointing back.
Pointing back to extravagant ends,
pretend to dance, a glance to send.
Who wonders will the wonder who
will be there always vanish too?
Pretentious seems a narrow mind
feel pretty pity for the blind.

Fuetal efforts punctual pressure
love the nine though now one lesser.
From start to end and end to start
A beating, cheating, fleeting heart,
whose part to play is yet revealed
in teals and steels, such heat it feels.
Rotund and round and full of sounds
sky and sea to meet on ground.
Run to the window and let our your breath,
write me a greeting reversed and at depth.

Cordial questions asked with ease
hallucination comes as tease.
Promptly waiting for delays
while lightening strikes the clock, midday.
The warmest feelings, yet to begin,
in bottles ships are kept within.
Visions of elsewhere are never approached,
on the billboard the ocean has pinned up a note.
Guided wisdom from the wind,
imagine only if they grinned?

Purposely partial in times of despair,
when hopping in vanity, never a care.
Beware over there is said not to be safe
A beauty, red ruby finds shelter from strafe.
Anonymous mountains with uppity hills
a face flattened stone all alone standing still.
Wander from reason while hurting the strong
in a song, doubted nightly, could never be wrong.
Green husks of winter are lustful and free
a lover slain, wounded, who just wants to be.

Golden locks and peanut shells,
a perfect love in endless hell.
Two season pass, a third arrives
when fourth has come who will survive?
If none, so be it, ashes to dust,
if the sky is a liar in whom can we trust?
Pity is felt with a falsified grin,
a wight uses light to reach out to his kin.
Flower, leaves, petals all on their own
if a lifetime makes sense it means you haven’t grown.

Fortified dells in a forest of green,
only he would have noticed if he could have seen.
But she watches down from a cliff overhead,
if your anger is real give us false love instead.
Dive deep down in pools where warm water once stood,
if you say you aren’t evil then why aren’t you good?
A city of nothing has thrived on decay,
as the choirs keep singing to silence’s dismay.
Forgetful are those who will rush to complete,
if you have time for me, by all means, take a seat.

Friendly faces are kept in a chest,
but the key with a chain on a sweet angel’s breast.
Deliver us, angel, from all that is boring,
If the team is to lose will the bored keep on scoring?
Imagine a place where the faceless are pleasant
you would not deny truth if with it came a present.
So greedy and needy the needless have been,
greed stands next to evil, identical twins.
Few leisures are given to those who work hard,
while the lazy sit still as the system stands guard.

Parked in the ocean, still locking your doors,
if you can’t trust the sea’s promise it will not trust yours.
Puddles are deeper in pavement that’s cracked,
the moon and the sun twice a day form a pact.
The shuttering thought of a muttering phrase,
a man dying quickly won’t renounce his ways.
A man treated justly won’t denounce his days,
three pigeons, a smidgen, have visions to pray.
Alcohol spilled in the veins of the weak,
like a voice in a dream they can hear their minds speak.

Smiles come in rarest form,
a celebration of the storm.
If judging others is a sin,
then of this life no one can win.
Winter is warped by the perilous sun,
the strong in the summer are runners who run.
Guardian angels have taken a break,
people, repulsive, act callous and fake.
Trivial worries will penetrate wisdom,
the lion roars loudest when guarding his kingdom.

Acorns have fallen in places that hide,
A thimble on finger will stray side to side.
Lullabies hummed by the moon to the stars,
if you’re proud of your past then do not hide your scars.
Thirty some decades and what have we learned,
coins no longer satisfy styles that turn.
A woman ordained is a sight for sore eyes,
veils worn by widows as denial disguise.
Write me a letter and lick it to seal,
relentlessly tell me how you really feel.

Bonafide gentlemen never dismiss,
give me your answer and blow me a kiss.
Early mornings with coffee and eggs,
the humblest hobo will never yet beg.
Death tells a story while grave tells a joke,
at life can a person of such fun but poke.
Mildew grows greenly on parcels of rock,
seventeen minutes ’til twelve’s on the clock.
Hiding in daylight, a child for ransom,
Mother Nature loves Earth because he’s so handsome.

Ask it again, in the rain, if you dare
the world is balding without losing hair.
Give up your reason one season for lent,
telescopes conjure false planets when bent.
Model an airplane and give it two wings,
hunt the bird for his feathers as he freely sings.
Give up your freedom for her peace of mind,
if you cannot beat him then keep him in binds.
Sixteen she holds up but seemingly more,
wait two more cold winters then walk through her door.

Reluctant to rise, hiding from June
Sunlight surprise, setting so soon,
teach a man to catch a fish,
and teach a child not to wish.
Hide me, guide me, when I fail,
if you know you will sink why do you set sail?
Her surroundings are to be instead,
a bed on which she rests her head.
Tell the world for me not to wait,
for much too much of it do I still hate.

I’ll give you a cue, you’ll give me a sign
I’ll serve you a supper if you pour us wine.
Wonderful wizard, why haven’t you called?
When the world hears music, together enthralled.
Tell him a secret, see if he cares,
silence says more than a televised blare.
Grip tightly the cliffside in times of despair,
if you’ve something to offer then let it be shared.
Climb to the top of the world and scream,
until all of your vocal chords burst at their seams.

Paul once told me that silence has sound,
while Paul said the Fool sees the world spinning round.
In which do I trust, or both could it be?
A teaspoon of salt spreads throughout a great sea.
Millions of people still struggle to live,
if you have no possessions you’ve so much to give.
A kettle that boils will whistle and squeel,
if a love isn’t real then what left is to feel?
Walk to the end of the brightly lit road,
could each word form together to fashion a code?

You say, in the darkness, the craziest things,
a mother, like angel, has luminous wings.
Open a business and see how it goes,
by the end of the week, of it, nobody knows.
Reality hits like a wave on a shore,
but the truth behind silence tells everyone more.
Fix her some supper and ask of her day,
try with all your might to just not waste away.
A sermon stopped shortly leaves all asking, “what?”
If your wisdom were with you you’d keep your mouth shut.

“Mind if I sit here?” Asks God in a dream,
the engine still chooglin’ has plenty of steam.
Division of labor emerges by sunset,
The ceremony master asks you, “having fun yet?”
Whistle to all of the dogs that are missing,
two children, caught, punished, for secretly kissing.
A rose that is red, of a love, represents
two sinners sleep soundly and never repent.
If I were a woman and you were a man,
do you think in the sand you would still hold my hand?

Income greater, wisdom hater,
hole in heart left like a crater.
One and two sheep, old and new sheep,
if you count them maybe you’ll sleep.
Old Siam, Sir, only answer,
lost her way like one with cancer.
Tell me kindly, lose and find me,
follow each new order blindly.
Call up my number and see if I’m home,
like animals into the wild let’s roam.

Greetings, sweet stranger, one I am meeting
run away every day to avoid assigned seating.
Write me a phone call and dial me a letter,
if you drown all your hate you will feel ever better.
Climb up a tree, follow me, in the branches,
try not to slip, get a grip, gentle stances.
One wound inflicted with one on the mend,
a relationship is measured by more than its end.
Count all the leaves as they fall in the fall,
do you think that a hero must die when he falls?

Muster up memories, enemies, flaws,
all of the savages, ravage, with claws.
Titlewave brings back the places it lost,
so faulty? Nix, salty! Melts bleak winter frost.
Watch like a child with interest so true,
show me seven faces that aren’t painted blue.
Pull up your britches and try to commit,
join a club, get involved, see if you’re a good fit.
Whitecaps are dancing on top of the rest,
this is home, here I know, is what for me is best.

National borders are ordered to perish,
a world once shared, with a care, who will cherish?
Leave behind weights, that inflate, keep you down,
say your goodbyes, never cry, burn the crown.
Marked by the crescent of time you are here,
if the cross came to life of it would you, love, fear?
Promise me things that we know you cannot,
for I cannot persist if you say you will not.
Thirteen set sail on a sea, navy blue,
only one landed safely in soft bluish hues.

Time’s slow decay he describes in a book
of a story, a journey, that nine heros took.
Only seven survived, with one resurrection,
I told Satan he’s welcome to throw my election.
Forgiveness is never what it seems on a page,
the more things you will learn will the more that you age.
Once in a lifetime, so so long ago,
was a purpose, so worth it, like we do not know.
Crush on a person whose soul has been sold,
then one day your sad story will surely be told.

Evening brings, brings, and rings,
in your ears, ears, are my tears.
On your chest, chest, is my face,
your sweet breast, breast, dressed in lace.
Let me hide, hide, here and now.
Take a ride, ride, take a bow.
Push away, way, all the pain,
Let today, day, change with rain.
Worlds come crashing, whiplashing on end,
when alone someone stands, and no hand is to lend.

Title a scroll you have written with ink,
if you are alone promise me you won’t sink.
Flowers that fawn at the wind when it comes,
a drummer keeps drumming while someone else strums.
Candlelight vigil for someone of fortune,
fleeting far from this life in a humble distortion.
Ply the doors open and sing him your song,
get down on your knees and pray to him for long.
I heard your voice calling for me in the night,
your voice doubled and echoed and freely took flight.

Weather Scope
I wish for my wish oh that it were too early
apparition to see, with white hair that is curly.
Alone sits a treasure for his special day,
some call it a torture, some say holiday.
There is no escape of his wit, nor his ego,
self repartee is a place wherein he goes.
The cure for this pain is a silence, I swear,
if we collaborate swiftly we’ll be well prepared.
The ocean will open, call us home to the sea,
a plea here will echo where once life was to be.


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