Sang the Sun

Hello said the earth to the moon and the stars,
as he waited in wonder of thundering time.
Hi-ho hummed the moon speaking too for the stars
who rested in atmospheres ready to climb.
I say said the earth you have tides in your smile,
such blush of the moon from which bloomed hues of light.
Your skin hummed the moon is a blue blessing yes
and you glow, lovely earth, in the depths of my night.
I wish said the earth in a soft tempo twang
to ask of you where in the daylight you hide.
Ah yes hummed the moon with sensations of jest,
around do I turn so my glow may subside.
We hide as he hides spoke the stars now awake
in obelisk light just at night we emerge.
With lightening of lightings the sun soon will strike,
with moon now we’ll sleep and in dreams we’ll converge.
Sleep soft said the earth for the worth of his heart,
may night of the morrow put sorrows to rest.
Ahoy sang the sun penetrating all space,
I come bearing tidings since yester I set.
Do tell said the earth with a grin on his skin,
you glow, by the way, in a melody sweet.
Oh earth, sang the sun, I am ever your light
and my lighting of tidings is warm as my heat.
You are good, blessed earth, for your waters are pure
and the air that you cultivate ever is fresh.
You spin, gentle dancer, a day at a time,
I admire the surface of lands you possess.
Much obliged said the earth for too kindly you speak
my siblings are all of my greatness or more.
Oh no sang the sun for your surface is life
thusly none can compare to thee whom I adore.


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