Seasonal Symptoms

Seasons are like a Symptom
Seasons are like a symptom, and symptoms are just a sign
Seasons are a sign of change of all of Earth’s design.

With Winter Go
A crinkling branch, falls from a tree
Doubtfully dropping to ground as debris.
Bugs that are dead ever spread all about,
Woefully wasting where life cannot sprout.

A channeling chirp, charges through air
Fervently looking for shelter to share.
Blue jays and crows will now with winter go,
Purposely hiding from winds that will blow.

A clambering cloud, comes overhead,
Clumsily climbing on forest with dread.
Hares on the ground look around for a home,
Through ominous mist unto safety they roam.

A cavilling storm, beckons to birds,
Tenderly calling so all will have heard.
Smiles of squirrels will with winter go,
Hopelessly holding on instincts they know.

A clobbering snow, falls with a force,
Shamelessly shrouding ’round with no remorse.
Wolves of the wilderness sport a keen eye,
Wildly waiting for prey drawing nigh.

A capturing cold, freezes the ponds,
Rigidly rolling o’er burrows beyond.
Grandeur of gophers will with winter go,
Tactfully tunneling through holes below.

A compassing sting, penetrates all,
Causing a pain as from veins heat withdrawals.
Deer in the meadow as petals lie still,
Painfully frigid in spite of their will.

A coloring need, brings all to weep,
Hastily haunting the season of sleep.
Twitters of critters will with winter go,
Creatures of woodlands ’til spring will now show.

The birds in the air due to weather fly slow,
As temperature seems to drop ever low.
The long days of sunlight will with winter go,
As the trembling cold brings the blistering snow.

Around with the Spring
A shimmering ray, shines from the sky,
Graciously grazing the growing of rye.
Trade wind is blowing the breeze from the bay,
As stalk of the rye trembles on with a sway.

A softening note, echoes and rings,
Musically moving around with the spring.
Crosswind is carrying chords of the voice,
The chirping of creatures so quick to rejoice.

A sweetening spell, spreads all about,
Peacefully pleasing the world without.
Headwind will hinder the dead wind of day,
And give life to the motions of earth as it may.

A shivering stump, sulks in the shade,
Barrenly being where light ever fades.
Tailwind is carrying light with a sling,
And sending it sailing around with the spring.

A spattering dew, settles at dawn,
Purposely playing the prairie as pawn.
East wind is humming along with a husk,
Westward to settle with sun during dusk.

A smothering sky, basks in its blues,
Lavishly lighting the meadow in hues.
North wind and south will dry sky as they wring,
And flutter through forest around with the spring.

A sniggering root, straddles the ground,
Mightily moving the growth to be found.
Old wind is blowing dead leaves overhead,
As new life grows with grace yet again in their stead.

A sobering vine, spirals and sings,
Gratefully growing around with the spring.
New wind together with weather will warm,
In the open will bide all who hide from the storm.

The flowers that frolic in fields have a fling,
As warmth of the world is around with the spring.
The growth of the ground comes with sounds that will swing,
As the colors of life come around with the spring.

With Summer Be
A pondering rock, dwells in the sand,
Mindfully mulling the image of land.
Seagulls on jetis stand glorified guard,
As the largest winged birds to give beach their regard.

A pummeling wave, smothers the shore,
Solemnly spreading with ocean’s impolore.
The warmest of evenings will with summer be,
Bringing the warmth of the wind to the sea.

A promising crab, clenches his claw,
Quirkily clasping the saltiest straw.
Seaweed is summoning smells of the bay,
As it dries in the eyes of the sun and its rays.

A pattering mist, sprays in the breeze,
Forming as whitecaps will whistle their wheeze.
Whales in the water will with summer be,
splashing with seals who from sharks ever flee.

A puzzling dune, protects the beach,
Carefully conjuring all in its reach.
Snails cling to anything wet they can find,
While the sun in the sky permits all peace of mind.

A polishing tide, flattens the ground,
Beautifully breaking in ways so profound.
The plovers come over and will with summer be,
As they nest in the dunes hoping soon to be free.

A prettying stream, daily departs,
Frantically fleeing with current apart.
Horseshoes and hermits are aquatically drawn,
While fiddlers lie dormant in grass dusk to dawn.

A pampering warmth, brings harmonized heat,
That lifts all the love of the life to its feet.
The chimes of cicadas will with summer be,
A sound so profound it fills all hearts will glee.

The shining of light warms the whitecaps and trees,
While the air seems to bear even higher degrees.
The creatures of sea will now with summer be,
Of sublime summer wonders do all things agree.

Along with the Fall
A whispering bough, hushes the leaves,
Silently swaying as tree ever grieves.
Moonlight competes with the perilous dark,
Leaves in the breeze brush along on the bark.

A withering shrub, wattles the wall,
Graciously growing along with the fall.
Starlight in sight can be found in the field,
Glowing on glistening blades made of steel.

A weltering rain, falls from the sky,
Pompously landing on all with a cry.
Sunlight subdued by the darkness of night,
As puddles take form from the raindrops in flight.

A wandering wing, flaps in the air,
Wonderfully watching below with a stare.
Highlight of feathers in eyesight of all,
Daintily dwelling along with the fall.

A watering mist, floats over bog,
Stealthily storming above leaf and log.
Twilight is absent so fog renders thick,
Leaving its lust on each log that it licks.

A wallowing moss, lies in the mud,
Carefully clinging to surface of flood.
Lowlight of landscape declaims with a drawl,
Desperately drudging along with the fall.

A weathering stone, naps over land,
Sleepily slabbering slime to the sand.
Earthlight reflects in the moon up above,
Shining on stone that the quagmire loves.

A wavering wind, beckons a call,
Blissfully blowing along with the fall.
Backlight is filling the black night of earth,
Shining as spotlight and showing its worth.

The woodlands and marsh carry on with appall,
As loathsome dry day comes along with the fall.
As daylight dries earth up and shrinks it so small,
The field and the air move along with the fall.

Symptoms are like a Season
Symptoms are like a season, and seasons don’t show a thing
Symptoms work their way through summer, winter, fall, and spring.


One thought on “Seasonal Symptoms

  1. I am enchanted by the beauty of your poetry and how prolific you have already been in your youth! The experiences to come in your new surroundings will expand your creations. Love to see you growing as my nephew and as a poet. Congratulations!


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