Pitfalls of Fall

Fall is one of the best times of year
the crisp chilly air with
the smells of the season.
It has the potential to be the most romantic season of all,
and the happiest,
but yet, but yet,
I always seem to be left lonely
and gloomy and sullen, alone,
left alone to sulk in the silence
of my favorite season.
Summer suns and winter snows and springtime birds
do not break apart and slowly fade away like the leaves of fall;
like me. For yes, yes, I am just one of the leaves of fall
that fade and lose color and die before your very eyes
and as I die before your very eyes,
with the branch that once held me
turning it’s cold head up and away,
at least care enough to see that
my remains and my memory
are not raked up into the backs
of your mind, out of sight
and out of mind I do not wish to be,
only to fly away before I am out of time.
I am a leaf, I am so lost
and into the pitfalls of thought do I fall.

Check out the recording on SoundCloud here


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