For I Have Seen You

I’m not afraid
of what is to come,
for I have seen you
and though I was forced to take my eyes off of you
I never attempted to take my mind off of you.
I am at peace
with the world around me,
for we never seemed to understand each other.
I have good thoughts in my mind,
and the harp strings are being plucked gently
like blooming flowers from a seaside garden.
Here I am,
so do with me whatever it is that you will.
Sometimes I shrug my shoulders and shake my head
with a smile on my face,
even though I am not sure
what in this world I have to smile about;
I’m not afraid
of where I will go,
for I have seen you
and when I wake up in a field or a bay or a cloud
I will know that I had seen the wonders of the world,
even if only in my dreams.
There is nothing to fear
when that sound takes over above
with distant mistpouffers keeping the beat
and a chorus of chords falling into the air.
The moon shadow mourns for me,
but that is done without need.
There is a laughter in my residual voice
and a feeling
that everything is going to be okay.
I’m not afraid
of how I shall pass,
for I have seen you
and I know you will skip in my field or swim in my bay
or dance in my cloud as the light that you are
and my one final wish, it is this:
never change.
For I am only a five letter soul,
but you, what do you mean to me?


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