Amber, It Is Morning

Amber, here has come to you
all that for which you’ve waited.
You lay awake all night with fear,
in tears you contemplated.

Amber, you are not alone
within your sleepless hollows.
Wherever in the dark you go,
the glow of light will follow.

Amber, you will make it through
the broken glass and prisms.
As long as you refuse to trust
the lust of cynicism.

Amber, I can’t help but laugh
you’re stronger than your stresses.
Now rise, has come the light of morn,
adorn your sanguine dresses.

Amber, come, the day is yours
though night will bring its phantoms.
Remember of your sacred worth,
let earth compose your anthem.

Amber, draw the curtains back
the rising sun’s asunder.
Be at peace and squint your eyes,
now rise to worlds of wonder.


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