Interlude: Revisited

Best read while listening to: Interlude

An annual lullaby
found its way through to
the place where once they slept,
for they hadn’t slept
since the end of the interlude.
Demons sang to them from crevices,
shadows hummed in the breath,
and even darkness herself
comforted them as they climbed back down
into Cavernous Deep.
They had no memory of the feeling of the walls,
yet somehow knew exactly where they were going.
She screamed for the sake of screaming
and he heard her, but could not find her;
so far, so near, so transparent.
Time does not exist in the darkness,
so she was not waiting
as that would be meaningless,
but rather she was taking her time…
or letting it go.
His feet were bare and felt the rippling
of the water that moved with his breath,
for no wind had humbled this place
in the course of a timeless life
or the course of a lifeless time.
The same darkness befell,
the same melody played,
the same hands were once again lost,
but this time without fear in the absence of the world.


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