Time is at the Gates

Ramparts holding strong and true
the hour has grown late.
Whether you wish to fight or concede
Time is at the gates.

There’s nothing for it, nock your arrows,
hold your head in vain.
When morning comes you’ll find the fencepost
holds your head and veins.

Battering rams and shattering shields sound
echoes in the night.
Ears like bells are ringing loudly
echoes of the fight.

The castle is breached as defenses are failing,
here we make our stand.
“Time, you must halt!” We cry out upon deaf ears
defying our command.

Years upon horses, their months barking orders,
weeks and days draw swords.
Minutes outnumber and seconds charge quickly,
Death they’re marching towards.

We must defend her, she hides in the tower,
poison in her cup.
Climbing the stairs and surprising with ladders,
Time is almost up.

Blow the horn and call out for a rescue
prayers into the sky.
Angels respond with a word of advice,
we alone must try.

Orders are barked out upon the Time line,
“Bring forth déjà vu!”
The enemy’s weapon with shrapnel of memories,
what more can we do?

Structures are crumbling, skin, teeth, and bone,
Time accepts our fate.
The battle is lost, just a matter of Time when
Time is at the gates.


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