Here, at the End of all Things

Here, at the end of all things,
comes the final chapter to the story we have lived
these many weary years.
All the time we’ve had that has passed has brought us
to this moment standing on the edge of time.
Waiting for us is a little plot of haven in the sky,
that we reserved in the Heavens when we were born,
before the world ended.
Here, at the end of all things,
I am glad that you are with me,
as fires burn the mountains into ash and
ocean waters storm the island keeps,
as winds guide the rampant rains as
the sky opens up, the gates to the temple of the sun
as it watches us and smiles rays of hope into
the ending of the world.
Here, at the end of all things,
sit with me while, at least for the moment, we are safe.
One arm I’ll put around you and with the other I’ll hold your hand,
smile through the tears and fears, so thankful I am here, that we are here
together, and your smile is too beautiful to waste for half a moment,
for the only one that we have left please let your smile shine out the clearer.
Here, at the end of all things,
as we watch the world and all in it we know come crumbling down,
smoldered into a desolate fist,
look into my eyes so you can see everything that was,
the way it was meant to be.
Hear my voice as I hum a lullaby of peace into your frightened ears,
may your gentle mind hear me, and sound out the white noise
coming from the end of time.
Here, at the end of all things,
you will realize that you don’t know what you have,
not until it is gone, but until the moment before you let it go,
when with all of your mite you hold it one last time,
then you will realize what you have had.
You have had life, you have had you, and you have had me.
Here, at the end of all things,
feel more love than you have ever felt,
may your heart be full and free while one last time it may be.



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