She Is Woman

She is strong by mind and fist,
by heartbeat, flex; (by flick of wrist),
by way in which her head’s held high,
she is Woman, crucified.

She is wise by patient watch,
cannot be broken or be stopped,
she gives life to those who kill,
her soul is bright; she’s daffodil.

Woman, widow, bride to be,
your life is ours, entirely,
but here’s the truth, the choice is yours,
may Mother Mary steer your course.

Young enough to feel our wrath,
just dumb enough to do our math,
quite numb enough to draw our bath;
then why, we ask, does she still laugh?

She’s more driven than a highway
more enduring than a dry day,
She is Woman, she is worth
the sun but she’s stuck here on Earth.


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