My Aslan

I asked my sweet lover how he felt in the night,
and he just rolled over and said “I feel alright.”
Oh brother I thought, what would I do without?
Then I laughed to myself, closed my eyes, and was out.
It was moments like these that gave me peace of mind,
when I needed escape, of me, here you would find.
Nobody that I had known yet quite had done,
what he did to my heart, which was warmed by his sun.
Three minutes could feel like a lifetime and more,
I felt like I was Peter, hearing Aslan’s fierce roar.

Holding his hand in the fall, getting chills,
but are they from the wind or the way that he thrills?
A patch filled with pumpkins, our wallets are full,
he must see a good one for my hand he pulls.
A magical sight with a tragic result,
the farm stand is closed, thus our mission must halt.
Oh well, all is fine, for I see his warm grin,
butterflies in my stomach, the migration begins.
Just a glimpse of the life of my lover who has brawn,
with a cardigan on holding hands with my Aslan.


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