In A Fairytale

I’m not the man that I once was in a fairytale,
many years ago,
in another world.

I would sit by the side of majestic riverbeds,
that were made of gold,
for a lonely girl.

I would walk along on the surface of waterways,
she would sing her hymns,
with the neighbor birds.

I would cast my spells from the end of a broken wand,
she would laugh with me,
perfectly absurd.

I had keys to a castle with rampart towers tall,
and a dragon guard,
who would keep us warm.

I would show her trees that would grow to one thousand feet,
she would sway with me,
in a perfect storm.

I woke up one morn in a fit with a feeling drawn,
there was something wrong,
a foretelling sign.

I saw chains undone near my drawbridge down of her hands,
with my dragon guard,
they had flown goodbye.

I sat all alone in my throne atop towers tall,
leaves fell from my trees,
I was on my own.

I would trade it all just to sit with her near riverbeds,
its no fairytale,
when you’re all alone.

I learned that true love is a wishful thought only found,
in the hymnal songs,
sung in fairytales.

I’m lost like the truth in the comforts of fantasies,
it’s the only place,
where my heart prevails.


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