Andrea’s Dawn

Float on
do not carry on
youngest child of the sun
flutter like a distant cry waning over the sky,
but we ask ourselves
who cries, who cries, who cries?
Not us!
Wax the walls
of your quintessential mind,
and find,
a marketplace for souls
on the other side
and find,
inside are all of your goals,
the molds;
the molds of life to behold.
Apprehend your very intrigues,
your desires to gleam and be
the luminescence of the aurora,
and become the morning.
Infrangible on the daybreak,
not a thought on to lament,
rise like water,
run like wind,
taste the morning,
and close your eyes
so that your sight may

Inspired by the track Sunrise, by Sara Andrea DeMoranville
Check it out on SoundCloud here


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