Ode to Life

Ode to Father
Wisdom is held earnestly behind laughs and smiles,
tucked down in the pockets of blue jeans for a while.
No more could I ask but from what you could give,
for all that could has been given, so that well I may live.
My role model proudly, yet humbly; so wise.
One sees mostly you when they gaze in my eyes.
I’m a spitting image of who you are, no surprise,
as I grow in the likeness of you as time flies.
Smile at a person oblivious of your existence,
help someone that you see struggling at a long and weary distance.
Laugh when things go poorly, make the most of trouble times,
forgive the people who against you do the harshest crimes.
Lessons from a person who has mastered life at best,
to have learned these from my idol and role model I feel blessed.
In half a lifetime you have changed half of the world’s lives,
what more will you upon us do before your end arrives?
I anxiously await the wonder you will surely bring,
I cup my hand around my ear to hear your angels sing.

Ode to Mother
Soft gentle murmurs, a delicate cerebral song,
insomnia upon me does not seem like it will last for long.
I gaze at my reflection half held deep within your eyes,
as it reflects off of your glasses as does grass by water’s side.
Held in you is a piece of me, perhaps best said vice versa,
I wonder, lightening, thunder, when the rain will plan to nurse us.
You smile at me softly as we walk through hundred acre woods,
a neighborhood of nature could describe the place where we once stood.
It’s troubling in life when of your guidance I can’t clasp,
and when the words you say, will slip away, and fall from out my grasp.
I would give the world’s weight, a palace great, fine china plates,
just to make your mind serene, a peaceful queen, in tranquil state.
Life is everything there is, you gave me this; I ask of you,
how could I repay this gift, with global shifts, an ocean blue?
The answer simply phrased is that your gift I can’t repay,
so let me hold your hand, as you did mine, ‘til your last day.
I’ll sing you a delicate cerebral song I learned,
until the moment when for who you were I’m forced to yearn.

Ode to Brother
I measured how high I could look up using winches,
approximately it should be about seventy-four inches.
To you I was always a miniature version,
let’s venture once more on fraternal excursions.
In the snow, on the screens, and in waters quite deep,
do you remember our spot? On a hill, mounted steep.
We would sit, we would gaze, we would relish each moment
to make memories lasting, each abstract component.
By day you would walk and I’d follow each footprint,
in the nights I would read you as best as I could, squint
my eyes close together and read mental fine print,
to see how to be more like you, give a sign; hints.
Recognized by a community, little
by the pieces of you seen in me, was a riddle
to understand how all could love but one being,
who soon went away and who soon I’d miss seeing.
All I was, all I liked, and all things I have done
is a mimic of you whom I wished to become.

Ode to Lover
Pardon me for all of my follies, by golly,
be jolly and let me present you fine holly.
A word of advice I have learned through endeavours,
together so much are the things we have weathered.
Relationships aren’t measure by the ending or the start,
they’re measured by the way in which they heal or hurt your heart.
Relationships are a funny thing, a funny thing if you think about them.
It is such a funny thing, a funny thing how we can’t live without them.
A bench sits alone atop a grassy hill
a steeple rings its bell at its sovereign, sonic will.
The bell tolls for incoming here is a ship
that will help me see reason and get a firm grip
on this thing some will venture to calling it life,
while some cut such notions with words as a knife.
Whatever title may best fit the venture
to keep to it are we both ever indentured.
So long as we walk with our ten fingers laced
we will never slip, trip, or fall down on our face.

Ode to Friends
Raise a glass to the people who’ve been by my side
without reason, amalgamated for a ride
through the decades I’ve been and the years I have seen,
I will try with an effort to see what it means.
Oh my friends who have come and have since moved along
you’ll not be forgotten with memories strong.
To those who have come and have ever since stayed
as Christian as Devin and mainly as Nate,
I hold for you words I’m unable to say,
you have glistened for me in my darkest of days,
you have settled with me for a life filled with wonder
of deep conversation, stupidity blunders,
and everything else one could place there within
to show how obliged I am yet to begin.
Imagine you’re drowning alone in the sea,
but a few planks of wood float along suddenly.
And you fashion a raft and you make it to shore,
this you’ve done for me friends, yes and very much more.

Ode to Cape Cod
Cape Cod! Cape Cod! My one and only home,
As your waves crash and make a splash I dive beneath their foam.
You are, you are, the place I love the most,
your bridges, deuce, your shores seduce and make a perfect host.
Nauset Beach, your greatest feature, represents you proudly,
his fearsome surf, that pounds the turf will chime and echo loudly.
Beaches ocean, beaches bay, and little inlets everywhere,
keeps one floating, keeps one hoping, and it keeps one well prepared.
Lakes and ponds are confidants and share not what’s within
Four hundred, nearly, still they merely, seem to blend right in.
Trails to bike to walk, alike, and trails that seldom see
a passerby for tucked inside a spot in secret trees.
Your homes unique, modern, antiques, they come in many forms,
though some have gone, and sung swan songs as victims of the storms.
All the beauty you possess ensnares my open heart,
a painting of such love you are above a work of art.
I promise that no matter how far I will go and roam,
Cape Cod! Cape Cod! To you I will come home.

Ode to Ocean
I’ll tip my empty glass to you, cheers,
let me fill it with your blue, tears,
I would like to be with you, please,
don’t let me feel alone and blue, freeze,
only for a minute while I tell you how I feel,
I’ll try to speak with elegance as I give you my spiel.
You just inspire, with every wave that crashes on your sand,
every wave will form a word that’s written by my pen in hand.
I write more about you than I write about the other odes,
your beauty lets the honor of my words upon you be bestowed.
You waited just a half a mile from me on the day when I was born,
I hope and pray that one sweet day my ashes gray will of you adorn.
Where else would I want to spend,
forever’s ever, past the end.
My past and present you have held,
please house me like a hermit, shelled.

Ode to Rain
The sunshine is just fine it defines a good day,
but to me, you’re lovely, and I see your ballet.
Oh rain you dance with a confident movement
you oscillate so awfully great and smell of a new scent.
The gray sky alone is but pity and blues,
but refurbished when cumulus comes wielding you.
You’re the treasure that nature holds secretly, still,
when you sneak out I find you and feel so fulfilled.
Someone has told me that I’ll catch a cold,
and another has told me you are uncontrolled,
but I disagree with these notions they hold
and I see little truth in the lies they have told.
You are perfect, hydrating; you water the earth,
and have for every planet shown more than your worth.
Promise you’ll come soon and make me feel cozy,
while I sit curled up and look out as you mosey.

Ode to Nature
When I am lost you will find me,
and you’ll surround me all around me you will
drown me so profoundly as I’ll wallow in your glory
every branch will tell a story, every leaf will tell of travels
from the branches to the gravel and the skies will
act as showers raining down on leaf and flower.
Your profundity has unto me made impacts so colossal
and within you I will stay until I’m dug up as a fossil.
Oh fluorescent lights, concrete alike you simply won’t allow,
I will take but one for you as your trees give us now, a bough.
Your sturdy structure makes you just for being life’s foundation,
and to say the least the pieces of the ode are held by your creation,
a celebration of the isolation you provide, for by your side
we stand with pride, you hold the odes, a place to hide.
You are a place with lover, friends, and mother I can walk
and with the trinity and father here I’m free to talk.

Ode to Poetry
I wonder; will I ever get sick and tired
of dealing with you whom I’ve always admired?
I doubt it, for without you I would have nothing,
no skills, no creation, no outlet, no, nothing.
I once knew not how to quite handle you well,
I knew not we’d acquaint, oh, how could I foretell?
You seemed not my style, not my taste, the wrong aisle
for me to walk down while I shopped for a smile.
You and I, ah, what a bond we have formed; no?
I think that my life ‘cause of you has transformed, so
close both of your metaphoric keen eyes,
and an ode I’ll comprise, let me now improvise.
Darkness and light from a halo quite blinding,
you’ve ventured with me as my thoughts were unwinding.
You are the medium through which I live,
so this ode to you, poetry, I humbly give.

Ode to Christmas
Silent night is a lullaby, warm, soft, and
sweet in the blizzard, in the storm.
Receiving and giving, conceiving and living,
movies, magic, and the spirit,
music everywhere, you’ll hear it.
Decorations, lights and trees, the latter means the most to me.
By Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree,
my life fills up with energy.
Twenty five days leading up to his birth,
of the rest of the year these few days prove their worth.
By tree with lights I find tranquility, it has divine ability,
like King of all nobility born of Virgin’s fertility.
With songs of winter, Santa Claus, and Jesus, these songs
are meant to please us, they come with breeze and three gusts.
Christmas you’re coming and Christmas you’re here, you
bring me to Heaven with tidings and cheer too.

Ode to Trinity
You are who you are and I love that you are,
you’re the face of the world and the light of the stars.
Trifecta, perfecta, to bet son and father,
In a prayer comes the rain to wash away all that bothers.
Prayer is what gives me the hope for it all,
prayer is what fills me up full like a ball,
prayer is what lets me know someone is listening,
and watching down on me with eyes that are glistening.
Prayer is what lets us have our conversations,
and it helps with forgiveness, remorse, and our patience.
Father you watch me and son holds my hand,
while the spirit, so holy, shines bright through the land.
Together, forever, you fill me with light,
and you bring me from darkness in dead of the night.
In the name of the father, the son, holy spirit,
I send out my prayer as I pray you will hear it.
To you I contribute my humblest ode,
please guide me, to find thee, along down the road.


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