Dead Inside

“When you find yourself choking back tears in the middle of public on a bright sunny day while trying to enjoy your lunch break, not because anything recent or specific has just happened, and not because you are having an unpleasant day, but because you are just so miserably dead inside that it’s too much to bear; then do you know what it means to be broken-hearted; then do you know what it is to be dead inside.”

It’s so hard to stay alive
when in every thought I die
so when I say I’m dead inside
I mean the light I cannot find
for darkness blinds my weary eyes
my mind kills me in a million ways,
so day by day, I hate to say,
each smile is a hollow lie.
Do not wait until you’re forced to say, “I miss you”
while I am here now simply tell me, “I love you”
only tell me, “I’ll kiss you,”
and I will reply, every time with, “I love you.”
It’s so easy to stay alive
when in every thought you cry
because your life brings peace of mind
and fills you up with life inside
but I’m not in that place or time
my lover left me, dead inside.


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