Sometimes it’s just the way a girl smiles or laughs or
looks around aimlessly that melts a boy’s heart to molten magma
after bursting into flames of fiery love and lust and loss of control.
Her gentle, subtle antics that define her, that unwind you
blowing your mind with how attractive they are.
Her makeup and tight clothing and sculpted figure
and confidence are lovely, but it is her subtle, quirky,
unintentional flawlessly flawed and natural antics that
make her beautiful perfection. Voices she does and faces she makes
draw your gaze and keep you locked in a cage of eye contact and laughter
not because she is being funny but because she is too much for you
to handle that your laughter sneaks out against your consent.
But she is funny. And she is sweet. And you are a
drifter, lost in the riptide of her


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