And So It Goes

And so I waded in the nighttime
holding on to things I might find
lurking keenly through the acres
of the land where once you waited,
hated after time you ventured on
I carried on in hopeless dreaming
silhouettes stood sullen screaming
moonlit meadow’s grasses glistened with
the morning dew and tears for you
and puddles blue and sorrows, new.
Dressed up, tuxedo, a bowtie,
no people, yet shadows of who people were
in the monumental moments of nighttime affection
now I look back at it, watered reflection.
And so I waded on, through the dawn,
as moonlight turned to sunlight,
things are alright; this is all right.
And so it goes!
I am sitting with my knees pointing up
and my knuckles cracking as I take each
hand in the other and squeeze like a fleshy stress ball.
Acres of mosses and twigs that are tossed down by
birds as they decipher which are best for their nest.
Their song and little two-legged jump helps me up
gives me hope, I am not alone, as a narrow beam of
golden hues peaks through the canopy of oak and pine
that envelops these acres from above, filling them with love,
and so it goes!


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