Goodbye. Once was a word when once was a time,
when once was a place where one was aside
of what loves they made what love they’d find,
but one love was paid when ones said “goodbye”.
Goodbye. Goodbye.
One word, yet it causes too much pain,
as three tears are forming from a three-part brain.
And deep in the middle is a riddle of a pain,
when you turn your back, head to the tracks, or when you board the plane.
One word is said in two parts, instead,
you push them together like sandwiching bread.
“Goodbye” you say as you feel you should,
but bye only hurts so which part is good?
Goodbye. Goodbye.
I’ll see you soon but ta ta for now,
yes we’ll sing on through like “la la” somehow,
I’ll light up erupting with lava so loud,
like volcanoes next that I have ya inbound.
We’ll work on this distance we’ll work on emotion
though nearby we had been it’s distance we’ve chosen.
Life gives us so many to care for with pride
and then takes them away and makes us say “goodbye”.
Goodbye. Goodbye.
Some friends in one state and the rest are in others
and the family is elsewhere, in farewells you’re smothered.
As “smothered” is uttered allow reiteration,
farewells are as frequent as incarceration,
and simply indecent as intoxication
prevention is futile, no immunization
so simply be patient, waiting for the pain to go by,
until next dies your heart as you part with “goodbye”.
Goodbye. Goodbye.
Enough is enough, let’s stand up; make a stand
and as farewell approaches let’s put up our hands,
and demand as we can that he leave from our land
as we constitute freedom from oppressive command.
Heads held only high with dry eyes that don’t cry
let’s only say the eponymous phrase of, and to, “goodbye”.


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