Slowly Blink

Everything you do is beautiful,
the way you stare out the window at people gone by
how you slowly blink your animal eyes;
How they cry, when you laugh, how they cry.
That’s not flattery it’s factual,
its gravity is actual,
actually weighing me down,
keeping me grounded to your way,
slowly blinking are animal eyes.
Your awkward steps and waves goodbye,
with arm half raised,
soft words well phrased,
that echo endlessly off of my walls
and reverberate gracefully into the hall.
Socks on your feet as you sleep,
keeping you warm,
watching the storm,
ornaments found that profoundly you keep,
and you sleep, when you sleep, as you sleep.
Scores in your head,
sushi not bread,
wonder you sow and thus wonder you reap.
Childlike hands, gripping a pen,
antebellum letters,
the more it rains the better,
animal eyes slowly blink yet again.


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