It Has Been Weeks

Never more than a minute goes by where you do not come into my mind,
and it has been weeks, and it has been weeks.
Still almost everything I see reminds me of you in some way,
and it has been weeks, and it has been weeks.
Since in real life you’re Lovely Soul, my dreams see you as a monster,
a succubus of the night, the maker of my nightmares.
You become a cheat, a deceiver, and an ill-tempered abuser,
I wake up short of breath, I check my empty phone and fret,
though it has been weeks, yes it has been weeks.
I do not have the craving for the foods that once I had,
my only craving is for you, for us, and for the life
the life that I have had and lost, and know now what I am without,
I have been without for weeks, oh it has been weeks.
Waves of reminiscence strike me down when they come by
they render me weaker, more broken, more lonesome than ever.
I have never been so attracted to another human being,
both your body and your soul, for which I’d kill and do much more,
I have had and I have known, and now I am left all alone,
and I will never find a body or a soul again to keep me satisfied,
that tethers my heart, my body, and mind, I am lost please come and find,
for it has been weeks, and I am so weak, and it has been weeks.


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