I Got Betrayed By The Woman I Love

I got betrayed by the woman I love
I got betrayed by the woman who’s supposed to love me
I got betrayed by the woman I love
Now that woman’s putting everybody else above me

Friends, co-workers, even the damn neighborboy
That woman knows how to take away a man’s true joy
Four years approaching since the day when we first fell in love
But on her calender that very special date was just a smudge
And I do not quite seem to understand on earth just how
That woman treats me as though I’m a goddam farm cow
She sqeezes me by the tit and milks me everyday
Then suddenly she takes me and just throws me right away
She milks me for my love and my attention and my cash
Until my tank is empty and it cannot make a splash


It seems that the more you do the worse off your become
I do so much and don’t gain noth-in’ and I feel so dumb
I try to give her all I have to give and even more
Yet here I stand all byself in rain outside her door
I knock until my knuckles bleed out pools upon the ground
She turns her head and goes to bed as though I made no sound
She treats me like a doormat that has faded into gray
For all she does is walk on me now every single day
She’s a liar and a user, an abuser and a cheat
She draws her weapon, fires fast, so I can’t stand the heat


I got betrayed, ow! just the other day, how?
I begged her to stay, wow! For her sins I pay, now!


Oh I got betrayed, yeah I got betrayed
I got betrayed


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