We, The Few

There are so few of us genuine, chivalrous, loving guys left out there; we who ask girls on actual dates instead of “Netflix and chill”; we who do sweet and thoughtful gestures such as writing hand-written poems and letters, not for any special occasion, but just on a regular day for the sake of being sweet and thoughtful and surprising; we who operate through true love and affection not just cheap lust and infatuation; we who ask about your day with genuine interest; we who operate through trust over jealously, and share in your interests and hobbies; we who tell you you’re beautiful not just “pretty hot”; we who care about your feelings and opinions and worries and have deep conversations with you; we who give up sleep or opportunities in your time of need; we who put you before everything. The saddest part yet is that the girls lucky enough to be sought out by us gentleman, and to be presented with this loyal and pure love, are so conditioned by this modern culture that they are taught to fear real relationships, they feel like being loved and cared about is being controlled, someone wanting to spend all of their time with you is oppressing your independence instead of sharing in your freedom to choose to be happy and share this beautiful life with someone. The mindset that having the freedom to choose to have quick flings with undeserving, disrespectful guys that leave you feeling hollow is more important than settling down with a pure heart that loves you unconditionally defines our modern culture and is so unfortunate. We, the few, exist, but we are thrown away repeatedly because of the fear that we seem too good to be true.


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