Earnest Emotions

I feel, more deeply than you could imagine
the doors of my heart are ever wide open,
so when comes in pain the doors swing right open
so when comes in love the doors swing right open.
Love fills me with life that I otherwise don’t care for
and pain takes away that life and it kills me inside,
so when in love I’m twice alive,
and when with pain I’m dead inside,
so dead inside my head.
I pity you for not feeling the love that I feel,
I envy you for not feeling the pain that I feel.
I feel so deeply that it lets me live twice,
filled up so warmly inside
and then it ends my life
and leaves me cold inside.
It is a beautiful pain,
it is a hideous love,
it is deep, it is real,
and you could not imagine how deeply I feel.


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