If I am down, and out, and wishing for the end.
If I am a hermit crab who outgrows his shell,
if I am a cub who hasn’t his mother,
I have you.
When I am lost I can be found;
through you.
“Friend” is the title you have
For no word could describe,
no brush stroke could capture,
no lyric could define
what you really are,
what you have done,
and all that you do.
I have dwelled and lingered in the darkest of days,
reminiscing on the things I have had and have lost.
I have journeyed over lands and overseas,
in the hollows of my mind, finding only what may have been
my final thought.
But end? My life did not. Break? My heart did not. Diminish? My mind did NOT.
For you,
exist, and are there.
My life remains mine, but
my love, my thanks, my thoughts, and these words, are yours.


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