Wings of Fire

Wings of fire like a parting parade
or the sweet voice of promise from a heart’s serenade.
Confiscate reason to embellish the tale
of the feather’s inferno red lingering trail.
Mash up the mirror and fear what’s beyond,
like a mystical bird bound by magical wand.
Elderbloods wonder what plunder is sought,
as the sky going under with thunder is wrought.
Still these wings of fire retire the shade,
and the glow burning red never ventures to fade.
Yesterday came in a harrowing bind,
and it feels as though we left tomorrow behind.
All that is left is this moment right now,
as you burn through the sky without taking a bow.
The show isn’t over and I’m yet to leave,
and the snow is much colder, without you I grieve.
A fire bird bred from the angels and sun,
as they blended together and in you became one.
Phoenix I see it in all that you touch,
I could burn in your flames, but it’s never too much.
I will say my heart’s mine, but alas, I’m a liar
for I set it ablaze within your wings of fire.


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