At Twilight

Where do I go
when my eyes are both closed?
I put on that sweet song
and I find out.
And suddenly I have no fear,
for I escaped the darkness, hence
the light I see even with
my eyes closed.
Come, it’s a new year,
let commence a new chapter
of a chapterless book
of my own creation.
The gardens that were?
the gardens that are,
locked away on a terrace
in the rural part of my heart.
The interlude is over
even though it never ends,
so, the next time I should brunch
I will not order cheap beer and pancakes,
for my appetite has changed.
The only thing now that I crave
is purpose beyond measure
and an inside joke or two
shared with the face of a girl
I may not have ever yet seen,
but here, at twilight,
I can hear her laughter, and
with the sheets wrapped around me like lace
I will unravel the new
and embrace the virtue of patience.
I am reborn,
so come meet me again
in this tattered dimension
and I will pass you notes under the table
of how much you matter.
I was red with anger,
then lost in those violet rays,
then I became blue with sorrow.
Now I am the color of twilight,
so wake up early, join me at the feast, and raise up your glass:
“A toast! To the old and the new!”


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