Interlude II

Best read while listening to: Interlude


She crept along the pavement
reaching her arms out from inside of her chest
with water blurring her sight
as puddled pupils in the night.
How many of us are waiting?
Shattered glass guided her hands
and showed her what it meant
to see. Lower down than bended knee.
Blur the lines of what it means to be.
A wall of brick stood guard
taking defensive watch over her
as she crawled along the pavement
unaware that time betrayed time
in the endless battle of time.
She was never on time
for she was allusive of battle.
Nor though was she early or late,
she was a moment clawing her way
through a pathway of lifetimes.
Everyone was gone.
The streets were empty,
the windows were shattered,
the animals had fled,
and even the fingers that once ran through her hair
stopped running, but still she remained
as a flicker on a shortening wick in the absence of the world.

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