Too Late

fantasy-2719897__340You’re scared, huh?
All your friends are leaving,
unprepared, huh?
The days are passing quicker,
it ain’t fair, huh?
You miss when things were different,
no one cares, huh?
It’s kind of sad when no one listens.
Try to write
make a difference
find the light
pay them visits
hold your breath
find a purpose
don’t look back
it’s not worth it.
You’re all alone, huh?
That means that you’re alive,
you’re on your own, huh?
That makes it easy to survive,
you feel unknown, huh?
It seems like everyone is famous,
check your tone, huh?
We have your back, so don’t you blame us.
The past is more familiar, that doesn’t make it great,
learn to live for every day before you live too late.


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