Shooting Star, Double Rainbow

Below are two pictures I took from the ferry ships as I left Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, respectively.

I saw a shooting star on a ferry ship,
and tried to heal my scars on that very trip.
Cerebral dull applause, grant my merry wish,
acceptance of my flaws from a mental niche.
Fireworks were shot from a Dennis beach,
exploding in the sky close to Heaven’s reach.
I would rather stay right here and slowly fade,
than spend this life alone, angry, and afraid.

I saw a double rainbow on a ferry ship,
and met a lovely girl on that very trip.
Squandering my doubts in a pleasant way,
confronting every pout with an, “It’s okay.”
Rain began to fall while the sun still shined,
the difference in the sky above was so defined.
I would rather stay right here and float away,
than spend this life ashamed, doubtful, and astray.

I went to the islands not far from my lands,
and as I left each Heaven reached down to my hands.
Shoot for the moon like the shooting of the stars, kid,
and rest your weary soul and close your double rainbow eyelids.


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