Hold My Breath

Build yourself a world
and live there;
plant a wall of flowers
so beauty keeps you in.
I used to live in the gardens that were,
drying my eyes for the gardens of her;
but this is a garden
grown only for me.
With a chaplet of flowers
on the head of
someone I have never met
I sit in a field
near a cottage of white
near a castle of stone
in a kingdom so bright.
If I breathe in this world
I can sigh in reality,
wishing that I could
bridge them somehow.
There are very few people
who truly know me,
and aside from myself
the rest are all in my head.
The chaplet looks lovely
the way that it rests
on her head,
but if I blink
she is gone, with my cottage,
and my castle, and my flowers.
If only somebody else
could see this place,
but then again
none of them
would truly understand.


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