Matter of Seconds

It’s so easy to lose touch,
an occasional call is just too much…
an hour a day watching T.V.,
but a text once a month would just kill me.
I’m so busy as if I don’t choose this;
telling friends that I miss them is useless.
I was drinking this weekend, a new bar!
I wish I could see you, you’re too far.
Yes, let’s totally do that (insert hypothetical),
but really we won’t; it’s so theoretical.
Let’s reminisce about fun that we once had;
or have some new fun? Oh wait, no that’s my bad.
Remember the last time we met up,
we sat there and thought back on past stuff.
Think about how often you’re wasting time,
and the friends that you had, you’ve forgotten behind.
I’m part of the problem, I won’t lie,
and the truth of the matter is time flies.
Priorities: old friends or new porn;
which will you make time for, you’re so torn.
Truth is said in jest, and this is no exception;
to lend a friend a hand, or keep it on your [lost connection].
If you think of an old friend then reach out,
it’ll just take a moment, don’t freak out.
It’ll make you feel good and it might make their day,
I know those brief seconds are out of your way.
But if you have time to binge watch a show,
don’t say you’re too busy for friends you’ve let go.
A text takes a matter of seconds, it’s true;
so who’s worth a couple of seconds to you?


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