Everything Beautiful

Much like a bird you sing so sweetly,
I wish the world could hear your song.
Just like a flower you blossom when cared for,
I want the world to care for you.
Much like the seasons you change for good reason,
but I wouldn’t change anything about you.
Just like the tides you’re along for the ride,
but I am the shore always waiting for you.
You are the moonlight, you come to me each night,
while some nights in bedsheets on others in dreams.
You are the sunlight, the reason I’m alright,
while some days on phone calls on others in arms.
Trees don’t stop growing and seeking the daylight,
neither do you in your forests of feelings.
Grasses grow greener right after the rainfall,
the same goes for you within your fields of thought.
You’re a child that cries and a mother who smiles,
both at the same time in your way, on your own.
You are everything beautiful, to me you are everything
that’s why beautiful, to me, is synonymous to you.


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