Move the Earth and Sea

In isolation, by myself, without the love my lover gives
without her smile or her eyes,
the peaceful way we love and live.
Loneliness like tyrant comes in uninvited out of the blue
and like an anchor in the sea
it makes my heart sink, missing you.
Barnacles and algae, dear, grow upon my lonely anchored heart,
the bottom of the endless sea,
I want to go back to the start
when every day she held my hand and shared my large and lonely bed
and filled the space between the sheets,
the water pressure hurts my head.
Give me back the way it was with my best friend always by my side,
move the earth and sea for me
that I may rise about the tide.
For I would move the earth and sea if just to watch your eyes react,
forget not all the love we share,
let’s build our future well intact.
Trust enough to hold my hand and walk with me through the morning mist,
and never shall a day go by
when you’re unloved or go unkissed.


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