Broken Man

So take my hand,
I will help you up, I’ll help you stand
I’ll help you walk, I’ll do all that I can
I’ll put you back together since I am a, broken man.

So close to the edge of my seat in this life
in this theatre, this movie, this hell of a ride
up inside of my mind is a spiraling sign
saying “road work ahead” in a blundering bind.
One foot on the ground followed then by the next,
little baby steps help us get to the press,
the ink like a button is pressed in and flat
white paper that’s written in ink that is black,
“My train of thoughts is now on the right path
towards insanity therefore it’s on the wrong track”
get it together and get yourself back and in tact
or throw up one finger and paint it all black,
or simply say, listen I’m not to be woken
a loser once cool, without hope I am broken.


I’m up off my knees and I’m no longer shaking
I’m already broken so you cannot break me.
You cannot break me I’m already broken
and don’t try to save when I end up choking
gasping for the last of my breath with a hope and
a foolish prayer, of my fate I have simply not coped and
I watch him with eyes that will gaze in a notepad,
with my dope pen, maybe it’s a phone, google docs app is open.
Call the google doc-tor for this new app-ointment.
They have creams now for my phone and hear me loudly sing alone
and see me drop the microphone and drop my mood when ringing tones,
or simply stay silent, don’t let it be spoken
a singer gone mute, without voice I am broken.

Why must we fall down when we try to stand out
I will help you stand up but I’m a broken man now.
Why must we fall down when we try to stand out.
I will help you stand up but I’m a broken man now.



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