Do You Not Realize?

I do not want somebody else to get to hear the stories you told me,
and get to see the places you showed me,
and get to meet the people you introduced to me,
and get to hear about me and have our love compared.
I do not want someone else to get to learn you
and all of your personal quirks and antics and manners
and get to hear the secrets you told only to me
or read the writing that you shared only with me.
I only take comfort in knowing that,
if ever you let someone else love you,
they will not be able to love you half as much as I do,
or treat you half as well as I do,
or care for you half as much as I do;
and you will not be satisfied with anyone else’s heart.
I love you inside and out
for all of your features and all of your flaws.
I do not want to be an ex on your list,
I do not want our love to be a memory,
I do not want it to take until you attempt to let someone else love you
that you realize that nobody could ever love or appreciate you as I do.


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