Take Me Away, For I’m Weak

In night, you haunt my waking dreams
the nightmares of who I fear you have become,
and the moment I wake I think only of you
and though try as I might, love, my sleeping is done.
In being awake I think of you constantly
in being asleep I dream of you hauntingly
so being, at all, for a month I’ve done dauntingly,
I wish of you wanting me with the past ever taunting me,
with the past, all I had, all we were ever taunting me.
As time goes on the pain only gets worse
and I fear my next ride, love, might be in the hearse,
they say time heals all wounds but I just disagree
it’s getting worse now, not better, and no hope do I see.
You think I am strong but the truth is I’m weak
I have so much to say with no breath left to speak.
So, I’ll raise my head high, close my eyes, die with pride
for no pain to my flesh could match that deep inside.
I have joked through the pain as I always pretend (that it’s ok)
but I’m not laughing now so it must be the end (take me away).


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