Time and Change

what with you do you bring?
The very question asked by all;
thinkers, and feelers, and speakers.
Oh, but you with alacrity come
into space and unwind
tearing apart hearts and tongues
and minds.
We would put you behind
but however far we fly
you stretch out far before us
an irrevocable thralldom
to which we are enslaved.
Shackles! Shackles!
Ah, we may not escape you
for moon rises on the bayou
and sun sets beyond the meadow,
interlocking the soft fingers of night
with the gnarled fingers of day
laced together, your reign is endless.
Your rain is endless, as are your rays,
a rainbow of colored ballet.
You bring with you
the subsidiary of your reign;
For all good that comes to pass
as broken hearts and tortured skulls
there is only Change to blame
as the henchman of Time,
who does timely bidding
for a world imprisoned.
Shackles! Shackles!
Mercy, find us swiftly
ah, but swift is a measure of Time
and back into the cage without mercy
we climb, defeated and back into binds.
Death, find us slowly
ah, but slow is a measure of Time
and back into the cage without death do
we climb, defeated but sorely alive.
Change, Change, much you taketh away
and through Time do we find
ourselves ambushed by you
and the horrors you bring,
broken hearts, tortured skulls,
and inevitable death, we beg for
timeless love, never changing, revitalized breath.


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