All I Have Ever Learned from Love

It has been an honor and a torture to learn from you
as an apprentice to the lessons you teach,
in your infinite, infamous wisdom.

There is never enough to be had
in every breath of our lungs and every blink of our eyes
we are clawing and prying for it,
from each other, from ourselves,
and from our lover.
It cannot come to us in the form of anything
but a beating heart;
no talent or hobby or currency or possession
or popularity or achievement or interest or substance
can ever provide us with it,
though it is the ultimate route of all desires.
It comes to us when least expected
after hiding itself away when we seek it,
and it saves us when at last we think we have fallen.
Ghostly mirrors on the backs of our eyelids reflect inwards
and haunt us with glimpses of times of the best,
thus, it comes as a test,
and we dwell in the dwelling of things come to pass.
Though it tethers us to the past and
blinds us with the wraiths in the looking glass,
concealing the very stones of the path beyond,
it then irradiates the interminable road of the future,
each step in a line, each day at a time
until then we find,
that it sits royally on a throne made of stone
and of flesh and of bones
all alone at the end of the road.
It leads us to revelation,
through the forests of madness,
and across the fields of bliss.
It is not about how to shoot somebody
who outdrew you, but is about
never drawing in the first place,
and holstering away all things that
taint its beauty and purity.
It is everything, it is life,
and through it you learn all there is to know.
To fear it is natural,
but to face your fears is to be alive,
and to avoid it is foolish,
but to face it head on is to be wise.
It can come in even the rarest form,
but if it is real then it will always feel familiar,
it will ever be present,
just so long as you choose to embrace it.
It works best when not sought,
but instead when it is waited for patiently
or when it sneaks up and puts your heart to the test.
If you truly fall into its depths then you will have no regrets
and will never give up on the heart that it led you to,
however far that heart may go,
for there is nothing in life that it cannot do;
it creates us and saves us and preserves us.
A solicitor with a bag of tricks
and some more up its sleeve
it will come; knock knock knock;
breathe. Compose yourself. Embrace,
for trouble is at your doorstep,
for promise is on your doormat.
It can exhilarate us to the point we can’t sleep
or exhaust us to the point we cannot stay awake,
and it can make us feel full and alive
when without it we feel discarded and empty.
Oh, how the birds sing,
oh, how the trees sway,
oh, how the skies bring
raindrops and sunrays.
Oh, why does pain stay,
oh, why does love sting,
oh, why does Earth pray
for thunder and lightning?
It is both the beauty and the beast,
but even the beast is beautiful inside.
It is both the bitter and the sweet,
but even the bitter is pleasant sometimes.
It is terrifying and comforting
like the surging sea,
but like the bravest of sailors
we must test her waters
and rise and fall with the treachery of her tides
to be held by the surety of her embrace.
No matter what the heart,
No matter whom it belongs to,
there is no love too large or small
or new or old; it is endless, it is timeless,
it is life.

It has been a pleasure and a burden to learn from you
as an apprentice to the lectures you preach,
in your intricate, invalid wisdom.


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