It was early in the morning when he called out her name,
her eyes were lost in shadows
of the demons on her wall
so, she did not hear his tender call.
He sat down beside her on the softness of the sofa
and ran his fingers through the deepness of her thoughts
as her tears were absorbed by the soil of his skin
where they soon would sprout into trees of comfort.
“Easy, lovely, easy, baby,” as he held her hands,
“weep though as you will for it is all part of the plan.”
He skipped a flattened rock over the surface of her eyes
and it bounced out of the water and into
a pile of leaves laying there aside of her riverbeds
that had fallen from the trees of comfort.
The world stopped moving, the wind stopped blowing,
and the city around them drowned into the
thickness of silence as he sat there holding her head
which rocked back and forth slowly
all while pressed to his chest.
The sofa began to rise, and the walls began to melt
until all that remained was the softness of his voice
and the warmth of his loving embrace
as he held her hands and dried her eyes in the absence of the world.


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