The Last Alliance


– The Last Alliance –
Looking at you is like
looking at the ends of the sunlight
hitting the rooftops and treetops:
oh, what a marvelous sight for a moment,
but in not an instant it vanishes swiftly
into a darkness to which you’re beholden.
I was there, two thousand years ago
when evil’s shape was formed
and when magical spells as old as an age
were written in minerals and sand or
when far to the east was a war that was waged
by a ring on a necromancer’s hand.
I see more than a spark when I look in your eye,
there too is a sea waving flames
and I see less than clouds when I look to the sky
there too is a sea much the same.
Our fellowship broken with words left unspoken
in twilight and shadows we crawl
on hands and on knees, all is ash and debris,
let us rid of it once and for all.
You are nigh but a temptress in scandalous drapings
of peril and names that you took.
Your tale is of witchcraft contorted while shaping
the eye which will cry should it look.
It’s gone! Now together let’s rest,
don’t look backwards in sorrow, but be glad for the quest.
Do I see golden eagles, or do I see black ravens?
My eyes fade, my mind wades, as I’m lain in grey havens.
I will go there, but not back again, alas.
As the curtains are lifted, my eyes see silver glass.
The world is behind me, but home is just ahead,
home is just ahead, home is just ahead…


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