Dearest Dale

Dale 4
I am surer as the days go,
as the days go by.
Bound to solitude and servitude
of tears I never cry.
All the hopefulness within you
makes me want to try.
As you run around with Koby
in the floral skies.
You are not gone,
only taken to memory
we’ll walk once again
once this life finds an end for me.
You asked not for purpose,
only handshakes, unbeaten roads,
but your days weren’t worthless
spoken wisdom in those broken odes.
More than one time you helped me, you helped me find the light
in my darkest hours, cowered downwards on my longest nights.
For a decade now what you have been to me
is my dearest friend, the end at last has set you free.
You were weak in the knees,
but so strong was your heart.
Me, I’m strong in the knees,
but I’m falling apart.
No more collar, no more leash;
no more fences on your lawn.
Freedom reigns without constraints
with songs where you respawn.
Make the most of it, my friend, and find the longest trail.
Take the coast a bit, my friend, and wag the strongest tail.
You will not soon be forgotten; you are loved, dearest Dale.
To the floral skies in hymns comprised your ship will now set sail.


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