Silent Screams

The only love that I have seen
has trapped herself inside my dreams,
so please ignore my silent screams;
for ever they’re in vain.

I used to smile long ago
before a friend became a foe,
so please ignore my torn ego;
I’ve no right to complain.

In colored portraits still she waits
a canvas cruelly separates
the unity of long lost fates;
artistic perfect crimes.

Across the bay near floral skies
is where the last of my love lies,
but waters rage as my demise;
in synch imperfect rhymes.

Pass the time with conversation
lost and found in meditation,
arise now for my coronation;
bow before the throne.

Proud dominion of the ages
as the kingdom turns the pages,
atop the world’s greatest stages;
standing here alone.

Honking horns and engines roaring
grinding metals, no ignoring,
on the page my mind starts soaring;
fantasies bring hope.

My love, I can’t quite comprehend
how you’re so real, yet just pretend,
you hold me up my sweet bookend;
in pages let’s elope.

If you find me lost in daydreams please give me privacy,
for I am ruling ancient kingdoms with my love beside me.


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