Heroines for Hanna

You always told me that
you didn’t like adventure books
as much as you had wanted to
since heroines were overlooked.
A valid point I took to heart,
although I never told you so.
You’re the reason Lilly came to life,
if you didn’t then, well now you know.
And Phoenix is a culmination
of the best of both of us.
She looks and sounds a lot like you,
but thinks like me, my incubus.
Three years ago I sat alone
at peace beneath my Christmas tree
and listened to Debussy’s tune,
that Claire de Lune inspired me.
The title of the book remains
what I handwrote for you that night.
Some three hundred thousand odd words later,
is finally an end in sight?
Although I’m cleft beneath the surface
since you left so long ago
I hope you’re proud of what I’ve written,
my story was for your ginkgoes.
Hanna the Librarian
and Reaper of my every dream,
I hope that you are traveling
upon the high road by the stream.
Love with Lilly, laugh with Phoenix;
my heroines are yours.
I hope my novels meet your bookshelf,
haunt me nevermore.
Silken face and voice of velvet,
our past has such allure.
A trilogy and I’m yet to reach you;
time to write some more.


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