Roses in the Wood

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And just like that!
A legend is reborn.
It’s no coincidence
this incident is everything and more
and it’s unhindered by the whimsical,
intrinsically restored.
Continuing the legacy
of where we were before,
despite the tale of two sides dying
we are back to golden scores;
it kills me, chills me to the core.
Still we imitate our origins
in honor, evermore.
Introducing the most intricate
and lovely number four.
Roses are read
by those with will within their core
and thus the chapters of the roses
open up that ancient door.
A prick of thorns, the path awaits,
and fate will soon restore.
So take your time
for I can take the wait,
the greatness of your lore.
In limited edition
in your world I’ll explore,
with intuition of the missions
I will wash up on your shore;
just take me back there, I implore.
Return to learn in Albion
a land of morals torn.
and just like that!
Farewell, forewarned,
a fable is reborn.


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