Excuses, excuses
they’re useless and who says
we’re better when we do this
it’s stupid, a nuisance.
The blueprints of happiness
are tattered up and putrid,
the path to find it’s ruthless,
you laugh, but that’s my two cents.
Excuses, excuses
let’s never tie our loose ends,
let’s justify our failures,
lack of action, and our few friends.
Let’s justify our craziness,
and self-loathe in our laziness,
and think of all the days we’ve missed
while wasting away in hateful bliss.
Excuses, I use you,
in truth I abuse you,
in truer truth we all do,
in truest truth we’ll fall soon.
Time to face reality
with doubt in me, Confucius
said, “the cautious seldom err,”
proceed with care and not excuses.


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