Books beneath Their Covers

Why is this guy driving so slowly?

He recently lost his father and the slower he drives the longer it takes, and the ride helps him gather his thoughts.

Why does this lady walk so slowly?

She suffers from a muscular disorder and every step is agony, yet still she walks and smiles through her pain.

Why did this couple just push past me without apologizing?

Their daughter is in the hospital and only minutes ago did they get the call.

Why was that cashier so monotone and glum?

She just lost custody of her two children and hasn’t smiled in the week since they left.

Why does that showoff at the gym have to wear a sleeveless shirt?

He was obese for all of his life and for the first time ever enjoys who he sees in the mirror.

Why does that girl post so many pictures of herself?

She is crippled by her insecurities and needs the validation from others that she is beautiful.

Why did the kid taking my sandwich order have to ask me three times?

He suffers from a cognitive disorder and getting a job was a huge step for him to take.

Why does the new girl at work make no effort to talk to anyone?

She is a young widow who still blames herself and she doesn’t feel like she deserves to make friends.

Why does that athlete sound so uneducated when he’s interviewed?

He was raised by a single parent in poverty and athletics was his only outlet, which he didn’t take for granted.

Why does that guy at the bar look so angry?

His heart was recently broken and he’s still hearing her words echoing in his head.

Why does this lady always talk to the employees for so long?

When she goes home she eats alone and even on holidays her phone hardly rings.

Why does that family speak such broken English?

English is not their second but their third language, so it’s impressive that they can speak it at all.

Why did that kid get to cut in front of the line?

Because he will likely not live long enough to see his next birthday, yet even he and his parents are smiling.

Why are these people so slow, strange, and rude?

Perhaps they are struggling under the surface; mentally, emotionally, physically. Perhaps they are dealing with things you and I couldn’t fathom. Perhaps we could fathom it, which is all the more reason to use patience not judgment.


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