Sleepy Restless

Sleepy Restless as he lay
Sleepy Restless ran away
around the bend of yesterday,
far away from where he lay,
where he lay,
Sleepy Restless won’t you stay.

Sleepy Restless fill the sun
with the drizzled moonlight ash.
Sleepy Restless drop the gun,
bought from all your stolen cash.
Sleepy Restless hideaway,
far away from where you lay,
where you lay,
Sleepy Restless it’s today.

Sleepy Restless you can’t stay,
you made your bed in which to lay,
grab the gun and make your stand
while twisting turning on the lam.
Sleepy Restless sell your soul
for change enough to pay the toll,
pay the toll,
Oh Sleepy Restless tuck and roll.

Sleepy Restless one more chance
have you to learn the devil’s dance,
And when they catch you don’t you scream
etch in the memory of dreams.
Sleepy Restless met his day
now six feet under as he lay,
as he lay,
‘fore Sleepy Restless lost his way.

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