Something in the Wind

A thought of you came dancing into my mind today,
it blew across the world in a half of a day,
I could not see it as it forced its own way in,
it must have just been something in the wind.
Darling it was something in the wind.

A memory I seemed to think it was,
oh because
I felt that I had been there once before,
but I’m not sure,
I can’t recall the timing or the place,
just your face,
Darling you are something in the wind.
Spread your wings, time to begin,
and come drifting, dancing to me
in the wind.

Deja vu had hit me with this thought of you,
I onetime knew,
that breezes tried to tell me how to feel for you,
as nothing new.
A wisp of love a gust of lust a gale of sorts,
sailed to your port,
I pulled the ropes and pointed compass north,
I think I grinned,
for I joined you as something in the wind.
Darling we are lovers in the wind.


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