That Girl, From Damariscotta

moon-1815984_1920You take my breath away, I thought
was only an expression,
but when I tried to speak, alas
my silent first impression.
She looked no more than sixteen, still
her features left me breathless,
and though she wakes in single takes
my mind is rendered restless.

Although you work at a café inside of a bookshop
my nervous look was the easiest thing you could read.

A loss of words to say, I thought
was simply unskilled diction,
but soon I found the truth, alas
as words of dereliction.
She looked no less than fourteen, still
her presence left me speechless,
and though I sink each time she blinks
my heart fears she is reachless.

Although we met at a café inside of a bookshop
your earnest smile was the most difficult thing I could read.

That girl, that girl from Damariscotta
the glow of her eyes sounds in moonlight sonatas
and that sweet clair de lune I would dare to see soon,
either way I’ll replay all the days fared in June.


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